UnitrustMedia Remote Filming

UnitrustMedia Remote Filming now provides you with a unique service where you can see what the camera sees, wherever you are in the world, wherever your shoot is. Run by professionals for professionals.

A secure password-protected link allows you to view the live-streaming of camera shooing from anywhere. The images are transmitted live in real-time to Clients, Agencies and Production Teams not attending the shoot, wherever they are, with less than 0.5 second delay. The shoot could be close by, or on the other side of the world – it makes no difference.

It works for multi-camera, location or studio and can be viewed by as many people in as many places as your production needs.

You save money on flights, transport and hotel rooms. UnitrustMedia Remote Filming delivers the universal benefit of significantly reducing the environmental impact of film production through less travel, especially for international productions, multi-location and series shoots. This service can be used globally for all forms of film production, broadcast, corporate films, movies and digital content creation, live casting and location scouting.