UNITRUSTMEDIA started operating in 1996. We are a production company based in Nicosia, Cyprus, focused on documentaries, movies for cinema and TV, with an emphasis on the international market. The owners of the company, Haris Therapis and Hristiana Slavkova have a unique experience in development, production as well as promotion and distribution of difficult and original projects.

UNITRUSTMEDIA is a creative team of people devoted to good stories, artistic qualities and professional handling of our projects at all stages of their production. We are constantly developing to line with the best practices of movie production. We are convinced that openness to all ideas combined with their careful evaluation and a focus on international markets will help us reach our goal – worldwide audience for our films and international recognition of our projects.

Meet the people behind UnitrustMedia


Haris Therapis is director and producer with 20 years of experience on all stages of pre and post-production in Cyprus, Bulgaria and Ukraine. The scope of his work includes shorts, documentaries, commercial and music video, TV productions. Following the passion for filmmaking, he doesn’t miss a chance to participate quality workshops, discussions, and presentations such as Discovery Film Campus, Film Festivals and local events and being an active part of the guild.

With Bachelor degrees in Corporate management and Film and Media Studies he also combines the knowledge and achieves success as a manager in a significant number of online business projects.

He is one of the pioneers in building business identity on the Internet with the impact of video.

To contact Haris please send an email to haris@unitrustmedia.com 


A new media producer with a background in banking, business development and online marketing.

In the last 7 years she was involved in a number of WebTV Channels and streaming video productions, commercial productions and short documentaries in Cyprus. She is currently an Executive producer for two documentaries «Rooted Stones» and «The Veterans» in pre-production, one feature film «ADILE» in pre-production and a short feature «Aishe Is Going On Vacation».

While working in Sofia, Hristiana found her passion in digital marketing, and she honed her social and digital skills at a PR & Marketing agency and a number of trainings and workshops.

The digital marketing world never stops evolving. From live-tweeting conferences to hosting red carpet interviews to serving as an on-site social media correspondent at Film Festivals to contributing to a number of exciting in-house online projects, she has a wide array of experience.

To contact Hristiana please send an email to hristiana@unitrustmedia.com 


Still as a student at University of Nicosia parallel with his studies, Konstantinos works on a number of projects in marketing and business development teams.

In the last 5 years he was involved in multiple online project of UnitrustMedia as well as in the pre-production and production of  the short feature «Aishe Is Going On Vacation».

Three years ago with the development of Alfasports.TV he takes part in the whole process of the establishment and gradually becomes a key person in the team of the webtv in sales and production. Konstantinos is creative, energetic, solutions oriented and highly motivated with great communication skills.

To contact Konstantinos please send an email to k.therapis@alfasports.tv


To contact Andri please send an email to andri@unitrustmedia.com .