It’s a story of an island and its secrets

It’s a story of an island and its secrets, an inspired director in a quest of a mystery and a documentary that will grab these moments. The island is Cyprus, the director is Haris Therapis and the mystery is connected with the so called Rooted Stones and the people stories touched in a particular way by these monoliths.

The working title of the documentary is “Rooted Stones” and presently it is in a research phase trying to gather the funds needed to come alive and show the magic that connects ancient times with the simple human life, emotions and memories.

Each of these elements is a story itself, a story that the documentary aim to reveal. The passion of the director and his travel through a route marked by the perforated stones and peoples souls brings him to a journey that goes through a number of these small picturesque mountain villages in the area of Limassol and Paphos. The guides are locals, each one of them with his particular story and version for the stone. A stone of miracle says one “If a woman can’t have a baby she should pass through the hole and will be healed”, a mark for hidden treasure, says other “when the sun light pass through the hole and point to the caves in the mountain opposite …” old people’ stories from childhood in which you feel the warmth and coziness of the past as well as the sadness for Cyprus, for family …

The travel and the quest go on. The combination between the tickle from the mysticism and all these beautiful people and places we meet inspires. Inspires our journey, our curiosity and the will to make the documentary and tell the story.

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