Corona-virus as an opportunity for your business

How corona-virus quarantine can be seen as an opportunity to keep your customers and audience engaged and brand awareness flourishing? #COVID19 #CORONAVIRUS

We live in times of crisis – historical pandemic which bring stress and panic in our everyday life threatened by the risk for our health. However, business owners in almost every industry are also worried for the health of their businesses.

You need to change your point of view in order to get out of this crisis with improved skills and capabilities. You need to be proactive NOW to ensure that your business is healthy later. Here at UnitrustMedia, we pride ourselves in being online video experts across a wide variety of industries, so we want to help as many small business owners as possible during this dire time. That’s why we’ve come up with ways to keep your business healthy during the corona-virus quarantine — because even though you may be quarantined, your business doesn’t have to be!

Unfortunately, the reality right now is that people are not going out for meals, groceries, workout classes, events, etc., but this doesn’t mean that you can’t have your business be top of mind for current and new customers — you just need to implement smart, digital marketing tactics, such as:

Gift Card offers: Offer customers the opportunity to spend $50 and get $5 free — this will give them incentive to purchase NOW.

Referral bonuses: Offer this to previous customers via an email campaign to promote brand awareness and show your customers that you care.

Branding campaigns: These will highlight what separates you from your competition and can target people who are searching for services you offer. So, you can keep your website’s traffic busy…even when physical locations aren’t.

YouTube Video campaigns: Increase customer engagement with video content. Just be sure to share an offer or one of the things that makes your business unique during your video to provide incentive for your customers to take action.


You’ve also probably found yourself scrolling through social media for information, interaction and entertainment, and you’re not alone there. Social media is a great tool to help bring people together, and when you create the right types of content, your business can be the one that people turn to.

Host a cooking demo via Facebook live

Share trivia questions related to your industry

Fitness instructors could host virtual classes so people can still get their work out in at home

Create a video (or go live) to share an industry tip or activity that might help your customer base or help people become familiar with your company. For example:

Teachers: Share creative activities using common household items

Accountants: Share how to make a home budget
Interior decorators: Share some quick DIY project ideas

Contractors: Share how to tell that windows/roofing/siding need to be replaced

Auto salesman: Share knowledge about various lights on dashboards, give a tech tutorial or even a features review of a new car model.

Remember: Just because you may be quarantined doesn’t mean your small business has to be!

In fact, we want you to think of this as your business’s opportunity to branch out of your normal practices and get creative — and the experts at UnitrustMedia are always here to help you keep your business healthy.

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