As we start the New Year …

Dear customers, partners and friends,

Now that we’re a few days before the New Year, it’s good to look ahead and think about what this year may bring us. 2018 was quite a year for all of us at UnitrustMedia. We’ve been through many developments, in sometimes less than favorable circumstances. But we’ve also achieved a huge amount, because we didn’t lose sight of our priority: to be a strong company that put the customer at the heart of everything we do. Showing our customers how we can support them by providing advice when needed, flexibility where possible and a range of clear and simple products and services.

In 2019 UnitrustMedia celebrates its 20th anniversary. 20 years during which our company has weathered many different types of storms, but today it looks like our brand has never been stronger or more relevant. For the year ahead we wish to make a special mention to a new partnership for a range of products and breakthrough innovation that will enter the Cyprus market for first time through UnitrustMedia and a social responsibility campaign which we consider as our personal obligation.

2019 will bring its own challenges but we’re sure by working together, keeping focused on our priorities and putting our customers first we can realize our ambitions.

We wish you and your family a happy holiday season.

To health!

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