The name of the group “ILIAHTIDA” stands for “Ηλιαχτίδα” or “Sunbeam”. The founder and owner Mariana Ishmerieva is an experienced coach who leads this unique classes of aesthetic gymnastics to make kids of different ages, interests and abilities feel healthy, happy and accomplished!

The philosophy of the group activities is to approach the art, discipline, and sport of gymnastics from a holistic perspective. The developing of a mature and healthy attitude begins with a fundamental understanding of the psychological and physical aspects of gymnastics. The kids are encouraged to work hard while still maintaining a healthy balance of enjoyment and consistency in instruction.

Fun and expression are at the core of “ILIAHTIDA” and this could be witnessed during the performance that we all enjoyed last Sunday at Thetare Scala, Larnaka.

UnitrustMedia is grateful to Mariana for the trust to cover the event and deliver a video that will keep the memories and emotions of these little performers.