Cyprus Comic Con – LIVE LINK

Cyprus Comic Con is an annual, multi-genre convention full of exhilarating pop culture activities, including live performances, cosplay, artist exhibitions, gaming tournaments, panels, a film festival, exclusive shopping, international Special Guest stars and more!

Whether you are an art enthusiast, a movie geek, a dedicated cosplayer, an avid collector, a gamer, a die-hard animanga fan, or simply a bystander curious about the immense diversity of popular culture and its trends, Cyprus Comic Con has something special for you!

UNITRUSTMEDIA LIVE STREAMING – Provided for first year in the history of this celebration of pop culture in Cyprus for even better and greater exposure!!

Cyprus Comic Con is a non-profit organisation, dedicated to spreading the appreciation of popular culture in Cyprus, through its annual weekend convention and other events. The team behind the CCC events are a group of devoted volunteers and fellow geeks from various backgrounds of popular culture, who share the same passion and purpose – to unify the fans and strengthen the local communities that make up the spirit and soul of comic con culture in Cyprus, as well as to bring the best content and experience.

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