Come on, get serious!

Some thoughts cross my mind anytime I see an advertisement for Social Media Managers or Internet Marketers job positions.

Our team serves a number of big and small accounts such as TV Shows (Kitchen Without Borders / PIK1) , Cyprus Basketball Federation, Cyprus Volleyball Federation etc in the sphere of video production and online promotion – Internet marketing and Social Media Management.

I have seen in my work experience many cases when a person is hired to be Internet Marketing Manager in a company and frankly don’t see a reason why companies do this.

What a person can do alone? You expect to find someone nevertheless how gifted and talented he/she might be to be an expert in everything – develop Internet Marketing Strategy and execute it, content writing, SEO techniques, PPC, redesign the company website, build campaigns… Come on, get serious!

This work is supposed to be delivered by a team of narrow specialized people in order to achieve the expected results.

If a company spends the money for a salary to outsource these services to UnitrustMedia, we can do miracles – videos, photos, social media customization and management, digital marketing campaigns, training of the company team etc etc…

Please share with me your thoughts about this – I will highly appreciate it!!