Talking heads videos

Talking heads video production is a key component of most videos. Your project may include a CEO mission statement, contributions by your staff, and testimonial videos by your clients, presentation of an upcoming event and so on.

They’ll either talk to an on- or off-screen interviewer or straight to camera, and our expert, patient direction will help both interviewer and subject deliver their best performance. We’re here to help!

We can also provide an Autocue / Teleprompter, when a more scripted approach is required – such as when content must gain regulatory approval, or time is tight and we need to get it right first time for same day editing and uploading.

There are other examples of talking heads videos at the YouTube channels of Unitrustmedia, CityChannelVouliTVAlfasportsTV. Placing your video at one of these web TV channels guarantees you a targeted audience and a bigger exposure.

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